The Observatory for Applied Ethics in Social Intervention was born in 2003, with a very small structure and a large volunteerism to respond to the ethical issues that arise in the field of social, psychoeducational and healthcare interventions. The Observatory was established within the Campus Arnau d’Escala Foundation patrons which currently are the University of Girona, the Drissa Foundation and the Consortium St. Gregori. In these years, it has developed a significant scientific work in the field that is proper.

By agreement of the Governing Council of the University of Girona, from 30 July 2013 the Observatory is recognized as a research structure of the University of Girona and renamed itself Observatory of Applied Ethics in Social, Psychoeducational and Healthcare Action.

The overall objectives of the Observatory are to encourage a professional and civic culture based on moral values which are present in social, psychoeducational and healthcare practices and to promote an ethic that respects the values contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia.

The specific objectives of the Observatory are:

  • Conduct basic and applied research in the social, psychoeducational and healthcare areas.
  • Transfer the results of the research into publications addressed to professionals in different fields of social, psychoeducational and healthcare action; and into scientific specialized indexed publications as well as into whatever events, communications , conferences, congresses, courses...
  • Generate some opinion and to introduce ethical thoughts into the forums addressed to social, psychoeducational and health care workers.
  • Design and to offer a range of services on applied ethics addressed to social, psychoeducational and health institutions and organizations.
  • Create a solid and stable organizational structure that ensures the achieving of the objectives mentioned above.

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